Gold Plated Czech Fire Polished Bead Bracelet – B129

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Czech fire-polished beads, Tibetan gold finish spacers with charms.

Size small/medium around 16-17cm (7″) long. Stretch bracelets will fit most wrists however the size can be adjusted if required.

Bracelet strung on an elastic stretch cord Stretch Magic™, which is a type of elastic cord that’s virtually invisible. It’s made from a high-tech polymer that does not crack or become hard over time

Czech fire-polished glass beads are specially cut glass beads faceted by machine then placed in a red-hot oven to achieve the desired glaze. This “polishing” process gives fire polished beads their distinctive brilliance and shine. Czech glass making is an age old cottage industry is known for its fine workmanship and many of the beads are still made in small quantities by hand, made the same way they have been for hundreds of years now dominating the world markets.

Tibetan silver beads are metal based and plated in antique silver colour, there is no silver in Tibetan beads. They are made of alloy and the main elements are copper, iron and zinc.

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